Vision: To maximize shareholder value through business growth in a sustainable, ethical and responsible manner.
Mission: To add value in the commodity supply chains thereby delivering customer delight



RANSA is well diversified managing several product lines under petroleum, metal and agricultural based commodity verticals. It is partially to fully integrated in commodity segments like bitumen, base oil under petroleum commodities, metal value added products like billets, re-bars and sheets under metal commodities and food staples, frozen meat, edible oil, meals and fertilizers in agricultural commodities. The group has strong skills and assets in operating factories that produce value added petroleum products like Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB), Construction Chemicals and Lubricants (Automobile), produce billets and re-bars and process and package agricultural commodities.



RANSA team has around 85 years of ‘hands on’ global commodity supply chain management experience that translates into delivering real value in everything it undertakes.



  • Experience : In-depth experience of managing commodity risks in petroleum, metal and agricultural commodities
  • Contacts : Key level contacts and physical presence in key origination and destination (sales) markets
  • Presence : Ground presence in select sales markets in Middle East, South East Asia , Africa, Russia, CIS and Americas
  • Investments: Significant investments in transportation, shipping and logistics infrastructure across Middle East, Africa and Americas. Investment and ownership of value adding assets in commodity supply chain specifically related to petroleum, metal and agricultural lines
  • Finance : Strong contacts with local and international banks and in-depth experience in structured trade finance Capability to structure complex and contemporary trading transactions



  • Geographic Expansion : Scaling product lines is underway into markets like Russia/CIS, Americas (Canada / Brazil / Uruguay / Argentina) and African markets (East & Central)
  • Product Expansion: Agricultural-commodities are being tied up with petroleum and metal commodity sales to offer to government enterprises in key African and CIS markets (cross – selling) Barter opportunities