RANSA is part of Cyrus Group which was established in 1977 and is part of 85 years of heritage in trading commodities across the globe. RANSA is a vertically integrated commodity supply chain management company with offices and investments across 5 continents, working in 3 commodity verticals – petroleum, metals and agriculturals, dealing with more than 200 product lines, operating shipping berths and multiple storage facilities, having self owned vessels and a fleet of 300+ trucks working 24X7 to deliver value to more than 1000 customers – catering to a universe of  more than 2 Billion consumers

The Group has historically specialized in the physical sourcing, value addition activity and selling commodity products to Government Agencies and Cooperatives, which has eventually matured into direct sales to private distributors and consumers. The business model of the company involves strong focus on purchase from refineries and sales to consumers for petroleum products, purchase from mill and sales to government and private contractors for metals and close to farm gate purchases and near to consumer gate sales for agricultural commodities. All these trade movements are made possible through strong capabilities in managing upstream, supply chain and downstream activities. The group has evolved into becoming a market leader in some key petroleum based products and is on a fast track growth trajectory to acquire leadership position in agricultural commodities